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July 25, 2017

kaili, david, misa, rachel, kevin, john, hillarey

Our website @ contagionathletics.com is live and will be continually adding new content, new products, and new updates about whatever niche product that pops into our heads. If you follow our youtube antics (err channels), you will recognize us all over the site. Every "model" featured on our site is a CA Dream Chaser.  We will be producing a wide variety of products and styles since you Dream Chasers come in many forms. We will do our best to keep things fresh and producing new content and products every month.

We are building everything from scratch.  Shirt designs, building designs, car designs, websites and everything were created within our group. We hope you enjoy everything as much as we have had making everything.

Be sure to add our website to your home screen and sport our icon on your mobile desktop. Our events page allows you to add our calendar of events to your phone. This year we will be hitting Dallas, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh in addition to the events in Amarillo, Texas.

We hope you follow the design and construction progress of CA1 (codename), our new headquarters. CA1 will house our new design studio. This place will be fully equipped with creative cloud software and systems that give us a global reach.  We may be small time (and mostly act like it), but we are thinking big.


Thanks for all the support,

Contagion Athletics, since 2012


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