Cryptocurrency Made Simple - Logarithmic Buying

February 07, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

Step 1: Download Voyager on the app stores and use referral code F0D91A for free $25 in bitcoin when you join.

Voyager is special because it has a great variety of coins, generates interest on many coins, has no fees, and a great portfolio viewer to help you invest correctly.

First move money to your voyager account using a connection to your bank or from other exchanges using the transfer functions.

Step 2: convert all your $ to USDC so you can start earning 8.5% interest (at the time of this post).

Step 3: Buy cryptocurrencies. the ideal coin to buy is generally bitcoin.  There are countless reasons for this but don't dabble in anything else until you have gotten used to bitcoin.

Basic rules to understand:

1. cryptocurrency is very volatile and can drop in value up to 90%.  You are going to take advantage of this.

2. cryptocurrency never goes to zero.

Step 4: On voyager buy at least $1 of every cryto coin excluding the "stable coins" like USDC or TRUEUSD.  This will create a portfolio for you that easily allows you to see if a coin is dropping in value and allows you to see the best performers and worst performers from the day you start.

Step 5: You want to buy the WORST performers...  yes, this is counterintuitive. Keep in mind practically every coin goes up and down for periods of time.  You are taking advantage of that volatility.  The price history of a coin for the last year helps you understand the potential lowest a coin could possibly be valued.

After very sudden upward moves in a coin, price tends to drop by around 30-40%.  Don't chase buy as something is rising as this generally ends up worse. Always buy as prices are falling with a system as outlined below.

Buy a coin at whatever price: $1

Coin drop 10% from original price, buy $2 

Coin drop 20% from original price, buy $4

Coin drop 30% from original price, buy $8

Coin drop 40% from original price, buy $16

Coin drop 50% from original price, buy $32

Coin drop 60% from original price, buy $64

Coin drop 70% from original price, buy $128

Coin drop 80% from original price, buy $264

Coin drop 90% from original price, but $528

The critical element: Budget your FIRST BUY in every coin to account for all the subsequent drops that can occur.  This way you are not ever caught off guard and can take advantage of lower prices.  Prices always come up with every bitcoin cycle every 4 years and a 10%-50% gain from bottoms is pretty much certain with most coins.  Catching the bottoms with overwhelmingly larger buys will ensure that you are successful for the vast majority of the time. It will only take a small move upward from the bottom to be above break even.


The benefit of being in MANY coins is that some of them are always dropping in value and therefore you can catch those % drops mentioned above on a routine basis. By staying disciplined, you won't run out of money to "buy the dips".

On voyager, focus on the coins that pay the highest interest such as bitcoin and etherium.  This way you are making interest while you wait as well.

With this system, the effect over 3-10 years will be truly astonishing.  The goal is NEVER to sell anything, but to make interest and await growth of the coins over 5-10 years.  You use the volatility to your advantage since it is "easy" to find a cheaper coin if you wait a few months.

The key here is NEVER buy too much of a coin as it will wreck your ability to buy more lower.


This is not financial advice, comments should be used for entertainment purposes only. We are not affiliated with any coin or broker.

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Joshua Valenzuela
Joshua Valenzuela

February 26, 2021

Looks like they’ve raised the minimum purchase per crypto is at $10 usd instead of buying just $1 to start the portfolio, not sure how that would change the buying algorithm you’ve got now

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