July 18, 2020 2 min read

Contagion Athletics was built by a team of experts with a consideration for cleanliness long before the covid-19 global pandemic.

Of course our design team included our highly qualified college educated trainers. In addition, we also happen to have a team of doctors that helped create and outfit this facility with some of the best cleaning systems around.

Every aspect of client safety from an infectious disease standpoint has been considered. From the design of the showers to the antimicrobial coatings on our hand sanitizer dispensers, every detail has been considered. Our flooring materials and equipment were designed to be easily sanitized.

Our facility was built with a tremendous amount of spacing between equipment, a massive cubic volume of air, and large amounts glass to allow entry of surface sterilizing solar UV light sterilize surfaces.

None of these features is particularly cheap or easy to accomplish with the budget of an average gym. We believe we have brought you a best in class facility at just the right time.

Cleanliness is one of the reasons we do not have water features such as a pool or sauna in our space.

We have microfiber towels and Virex II available all over the gym. This safely destroys almost any microorganism including viruses that you can think of.  We are using hospital grade systems ... forget about gym wipes that other outlets provide. This facility is made to make a doctor feel safe.

Hand sanitizer stations are not only available all over our facility, they are engineered and built with antimicrobial surface plastics. Just another extreme detail.

Should you wear a mask at the gym?  We have enough space in our facility that you can find space to work out without the need for a mask. Depending on the time of the day, you will have a tremendous amount of space to yourself. If you need to workout at our busiest times, and 6-12 foot spacing isn't possible, feel free to also wear a mask if you feel the need. We understand that the risks for people vary dramatically.  We respect your ability to decide your strategy for your personal health. We do not enforce any specific public policy in this regard but we do request that you make sure you are considerate to those around you.

We will continue to bring you the cleanest facility we possibly can.

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