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Barber Motorsports

July 28, 2017 1 min read

Barber Motorsports

This week, we had the privelege of visiting the Barber Motorsports racetrack and museum. Mid-day, the Porsche Driving Experience folks were taking clients for training around the track. You can see all the action from observation areas and from the windows of the museum. Barber Motorsports museum is one of the biggest motorcycle collections in the world. From the earliest and most iconic to the latest motorcycles, they have bikes floor to ceiling in this place.

The archtecture struck me as simple but beautiful. The glass system, aluminum mullions, and other features at Barber's are very similar to parts of our materials package for Contagion Athletics' first gym facility.

This place is inspiring on a lot of fronts: architecture, motorsport sights and sounds, history, engineering, design and color. Some of the past racing livery is a great foundation for future design of cars and clothes.

We continue to seek inspiration, from real or imagined sources to bring you something that feels unique and new each time. We found that only through our real experiences can we bring you fresh new designs that make you feel like you are part of something special.

kevin, david, rachel, misa and the gang have a lot more antics and products coming along with the gym we are building... stay tuned!