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Most gyms are crammed like sardines, filthy, and only care about one thing….Taking your money.

And we get it, you put up with them because


  • None of the “best” gym options in Amarillo started in Amarillo, except one.
  • None of the “best” gym options in Amarillo are owned and operated by a Local, except one.
  • None of the “best” gym options in Amarillo are dedicated to creating a movement that will put AMARILLO on the map

Except One.

And You have the opportunity tobe a part of that movement.

Not only that, you have the opportunity to be the FACE of that movement.

Amarillo has potential to be a place people WANT to come to because we have people like YOU in this city.

And it’s time for YOU to show them that.




Contagion Athletics has a National Influence with a clothing line shipping all over the country. But we want that influence to benefit Amarillo.

Since 2012 we’ve been building a foundation for people like you to become ambassadors and take Amarillo from a drive-through city, to a one-stop destination.

And we believe it starts with building the right momentum.

We’ve created a Gym Experience like nowhere else. Professional Athletes and Stay-At-Home Moms alike agree, this is a one-of-a-kind place.

And now, you have the opportunity to help our family grow.

  • Get Discounts on Clothing and Cafe Products!
  • Set Yourself up for Commissions and Earnings Potential!
  • Take the Opportunity for a FREE Gym Membership!
  • Receive First Offers on Any New Clothing Drops
  • Enjoy Access to a World-Class Facility
  • Work With Top Photographers, Including our In-House Team!
  • AND!! Access Training Modules to Make Your Experience FUN and EASY!
  • Plus So Much More...


Ambassador Discounts
Commission Opportunities
Various Tiers To Fit Your Style

We GUARANTEE every application will not only get reviewed, but contacted for an interview.

Why the guarantee? Because we know two things:

  1. Sometimes our personality doesn’t shine in an application and you deserve the chance to show us who you are and how you fit the Contagion Athletics Brand.
  2. Some people won’t apply because they think they don’t have the chance to be accepted and we’re here to say:


Sometimes, that’s all we need to change our life, one opportunity. And we want to give you AN opportunity to make your health and fitness such a normal part of your life that you can’t help but reach your goals.

But Guess what, I have some extra goodies to give you along with this opportunity!

We’ll have MONTHLY get-togethers with our Ambassadors to help each other grow. We'll share what’s working for those reaching fast success, earning commissions quickly, and apply them to anyone who’s struggling.

We’ll have weekly check-ins with our Marketing Guru to help you apply everything you learn WITHOUT GETTING STRESSED!

AND! We have some surprise bonuses and incentives that we just can’t share because other gyms have already tried copying us and we want to show everyone why WE are different and the leaders in the fitness industry.









Let's Go Over This One More Time









  • You get to represent a Local Business that is already getting National level recognition
  • You’ll get the chance to earn commissions on sales (in multiple ways)
  • You’ll get to earn a free membership to the best gym in Texas
  • You’ll get an immediate network of people succeeding and working together to help you
  • You’ll get to learn from a Marketing Expert with over a decade of experience
  • AND you’ll get bonuses that only WE can offer


And all of this with the ability to make your Health and Fitness a natural part of your life.

Right now, you get to make a choice. There are people who will look at an opportunity and ignore it by making excuses. Others will look at an opportunity and find a way to become successful with it.

You can decide if you want to lie to yourself and come up with excuses, or take a leap of faith and try to be successful in a way that helps not just your bank account, but your community too.

It’s easy to come up with excuses as why you shouldn't do something, but most people ignore the fact that saying YES is the only way anyone ever created amazing experiences.

So who will you be, the person saying yes? Or the one making excuses?

I’m very busy, how much time does this take?

Can you take a photo? Respond to a message? Share something you love with people you love? How much time does that take? That’s your answer. If you found the best burrito in Amarillo, wouldn’t you tell people about it? Does that seem hard to do? This is no different but the burrito is a gym. So.. maybe it’s a little different, but it’s just as easy!

What’s the difference between your gym and the others out there?

Well, we can’t speak for everything else out there. There’s a lot of gyms out there. But other than, being built, owned, and operated by an Amarillo Local, We also have the BEST equipment, and give back the MOST to the community compared to other gyms. And, we’re ALWAYS upgrading. There’s more, but honestly, you get trained during the program so just apply and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

What can I expect as an Ambassador/ Will this work for me?

First of all, congratulations on considering becoming part of the CA Family! Second, why would you begin with assuming this opportunity wouldn’t work for you? Maybe it’s the one thing you need to make everything else work for you. You’ll never know until you try? And you can expect to learn more about social media, tricks people use to get better posts, write better descriptions, you’ll get an immediate social group of like-minded people working towards something bigger in life, and a supportive gym community!

What if I end up not liking it?

Then our Marketing Manager will cry cuz he’s sensitive. Do you really want to make a grown man cry? If you don’t like it, that’s okay! Just tell us what you don’t like and that you don’t want to be an ambassador anymore and we’ll see what we can do to keep you as part of the CA Family in one way or another.

How long do I have access to the training for?

As long as you decide to be a part of the CA Family.

Is this suitable for someone that doesn’t do a lot of social media?

Absolutely. Next question. Really, though! You can learn social media if you like, or you can use the old-school ambassador style: Word of Mouth. It’s all good!

How long will it take to see results as an ambassador?

How fast can you put what you learn into action? I mean, what you’re asking is “How much work do I have to do?” and the answer is “just enough.” Everyone’s amount is different.

When are you opening up applications again?

That’s a great question! I don’t know. This opportunity is intended to launch ONCE every year. That’s it. Chances are, you won’t see this opportunity again for AT LEAST a year. But here’s the thing, if you say “I’ll do this next year when I feel more ready” then what you’re really saying is you’re never going to do it. How can that be true? Do you magically find reasons to do something you’ve said no to before? No. When you say no to something, you mean no. Why? Because we never feel ready for the things that will push us to grow. Never. So you’ll never say yes. It’s as simple as that. You either say yes to embracing this opportunity, or you say no forever. But why would you turn your back on an opportunity that might not be there tomorrow anyway? Join the CA Family today.


DISCLAIMER: We don't believe in any “get-rich-quick” type of scheme and none of our products or offers are intended to be treated as such. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our offer and its potential. Even though this industry encourages individuals to believe in the possibility of greater earnings, there is no guarantee that any money will be earned by using any of the techniques or ideas presented in any Contagion Athletics, LLC product, training, service, or educational media of any form.

Any and all examples in these materials are intended to educate in terms of potential application but are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Any earning potential is entirely dependent on the individual using the techniques, ideas, and products. Any claims of actual earnings or examples used to demonstrate previous success other individuals experienced can be verified upon request. Your levels of success are solely determined by your devotion, time invested, effort, understanding, and application of the ideas, techniques, or material provided. This also includes your willingness to experience personal growth in skillsets related to financial literacy as well as mental and emotional health and well-being.

Since these factors are different according to the individual, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, nor do we hold responsibility for any actions you choose to take or not to take in relation to the materials, techniques, ideas or anything else presented that is related to any Contagion Athletics, LLC content. The potential outcomes suggested here are intended to express our opinions of earning potential and nothing more. No guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from the ideas and techniques in our materials.

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