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At Contagion Athletics we understand the challenges of working towards a better life but feeling our health take a backseat.

And if you’re like our other clients, dealing with dishonest gym memberships and untrustworthy trainers makes you hesitant to take control of your health.

It’d be great to run into someone you haven’t seen in a while and hear them say,

“Wow, you look great! You’re doing something different. What’s your secret?”

We know what it’s like to look in the mirror and not recognize the person in front of you.

We know the extra STRUGGLE that comes with thinking we’re UNWORTHY because we can’t even control our weight.

We know how we feel about ourselves affects our confidence and how we go about life.


And it’s a shame that we don’t know how to fix the problem.

When we don’t take care of our health, we lose confidence, we judge ourselves, we try to say,

“it’s because all my focus is on my kids” or “my business” or “it’s because I work so much.”

But letting these stories control our lives is digging us an early grave!

Not only does this health issue cause the lack of confidence and belief in ourselves,

It’s causing us to miss opportunities to make more money, to travel and experience life, and to spend time with our loved ones.

And Harvard recently released a study showing that being overweight leads to premature death.

This bad health is literally killing us.

And we know it.

And we keep finding reasons to delay taking control over it, but we’re missing one key ingredient.


The cold hard truth is we have things keeping us accountable to all the other activities in our lives

But nothing keeping us accountable to our health! 

Not being healthy is making us feel a lack of confidence in ourselves, a feeling of unhappiness we have when we see our reflection,


Accountability isn’t about punishment.

It’s about improving our results and accomplishing our goals.

Who’s more likely to go to the gym, someone who can hit the snooze button and no one will know, or someone who has someone waiting for them at the gym?

Now what if that someone was an expert in being fit and healthy?

Wouldn’t that make it even more motivating to finally get this under control?


At Contagion Athletics we provide you with the accountability to reach your goals.

Like Marvin, who lost 70 lbs in 8 months so he could step on stage as a competitor:

Or Tommy, who at 72 years old was dealing with a frozen shoulder and just wanted to sleep without pain.

Or Cherokee, who had knee surgery because of a fall and still wanted to attend her family events without being a burden to her loved ones.

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Why trust a CA Coach? Because,

  • Every  Contagion Athletics Coach has a degree from a UNIVERSITY,
    • We don’t employ weekend course “certified” trainers. We bring in EXPERTS.
  • Our Coaches have competed, and trained athletes, all the way through professional and Olympic development levels.
    • So whether you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, or looking to help your student-athlete get to college, we have the experience to help.
  • We stay up-to-date with CURRENT scientific research on health, fitness, and other related fields that dramatically improves the lives of our clients by getting them results faster.

And there is SO. MUCH. MORE.

Working with a Trainer or Coach that has the experience and education our coaches have usually costs people up to $250 an hour!

But this company was built here in Amarillo, for Amarillo.

We know and love our community so we’re NOT going to raise those prices just because the competition does.

So when you work with a CA Coach, you don’t just get to work on your health, we work within your budget too.

Whether that’s one session a month, or six times a week.

At only $50 a session, anyone can afford to work with the best Coaches in Texas. 

Now some people have asked us why we charge so little with the credentials to charge those higher-end prices.

We do it because we were raised to be grateful. And we are.

We’re grateful to you for even taking the time to read this.

We’re grateful to Amarillo for the support it’s given us in building our business, and we’re grateful to our clients because without them we don’t get to experience the joy of helping others reach their goals and dreams.

We have clients that work with us up to six times a week because they realize they’re getting SIX TIMES the value than the people paying the high-end prices.

And if at any point you aren’t happy with your trainer, we give you

The Coaching Guarantee.

You’re not locked into a coaching contract with us.

See, some gyms force you to buy multiple sessions and lock you into contracts for thousands of dollars.

We don’t nickel and dime you.

We don’t bait and switch you.

We are honest and transparent from the get-go.

You pay for what you need and we don’t charge you a dime more than that for our coaching.

So if at any point you aren’t happy with one of our coaches you can end your coaching process right at that moment.

We won’t force you to keep paying for something you’re not using.

Now, this takes away a huge risk for you - you won’t be locked into a coaching contract.

But even more, it puts all the risk on us and our coaches!

See, with this guarantee we HAVE to provide you with the best coaching available,otherwise our coaches don’t get paid. And if you’ve seen our coaches, they carry a lot of muscle, they need to eat.

Our coaches are only paid for the sessions that are booked on their schedule.

So if you’re not happy, and they’re not getting clients, they won’t get paid.

This guarantee creates accountability, not only for you to take control of your health, but for our coaches to live up to The Contagion Athletics Standards:

Be the Best


Start with a FREE Consultation so you can be CONFIDENT you’re working with the right coach FOR YOU.

  • A Complimentary Nutrition Guidance Session - $50 Value
  • Workouts between training sessions on request - $50/Month Value
  • A Full Service Evalution - $50 Value
  • Get a FREE body scan - $20 Value
  • One Free Tanning Session - $5 Value
  • And A Free Protein Shake from DreamChasers Cafe - $7 Value

That’s over $180 of value after just your FIRST training session with your dedicated coach.

That’sAll For Saying Yes to your Health and Working With a Coach.


When you work with a Dedicated Coach at Contagion Athletics you get:

  • Guidance from Coaches who have trainer Professional and Olympic Athletes
  • Support from Educated Coaches who have 4 year Degrees and not a weekend course certification
  • Access to the Highest Quality Equipment that people have travelled from across the country to use
  • A $250 value training session for 80% off!  (Every single time, that's only $50 a session!)
  • A Complimentary Nutrition Guidance Session - $50 Value
  • Workouts between training sessions on request - $50/Month Value
  • A Full Service Evalution - $50 Value
  • A FREE body scan - $20 Value
  • One Free Tanning Session - $5 Value
  • And A Free Protein Shake from DreamChasers Cafe - $7 Value

This is your opportunity to get your health under control, boost your confidence, and move through the world feeling stronger than ever! Not only that, you get

The Contagion Athletics Coaching Guarantee

So you know you'll be working with Coaches who only get compensated by helping you hit your goals!

Unfortunately, we know there's still a voice in your head telling you you're not good enough. We know because we've trained so many people.

We need you to understand something though.

You ARE good enough, and you DESERVE this.

It's easy to listen to that voice and fall back into old habits. But those old habits are taking us to an early grave.

And you still have a life to live, a life to enjoy.

A family to spend time with.

Stories to make, and stories to tell.

So you get to decide between two choices:

Ignore this opportunity, unmatched in all of Amarillo.

Or Say Yes to the better version of yourself that you know is there.

It's time for you to say YES to controlling your health, your life, and bringing the confident version of you out into the world!

Amazing lives don't happen on accident, they happen on purpose.

Here's some Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Time Will It Take to Hit My Goals?

How much time do you want it to take? What you're really asking us is if you can hit your goals before you hit the point where you'll give up. So, we'll be blunt. If you're going to give up, just don't start because you'll be wasting your money. Well, you'll be wasting your money upfront but you'll still end up spending it on medical bills in the future. So instead of asking how much time it will take, ask yourself how you want to spend that money. Do you want to spend it making your life better or trying to staying a live?

I work unpredictable shifts, can I find a time to train with someone still?

Short answer: Absolutely.

Long answer: We have a team of coaches with availability starting at 5am and ending at 8pm so no matter what your schedule is, we can find a coach for you.

Remember, we actually care about helping you get results and we can only do that if we're here to serve you. So we'll be here for you.

What do I do when I'm NOT working with a trainer?

You and your coach will work that out during your consultation. Each person's goals is different and we provide a customized approach for the person in front of us.

Should I start taking supplements?

Unless a doctor or your coach suggested one, no. Supplements are just that: SUPPLEMENTS. They are meant to supplement your exercise and nutrition. We won't know if you need them until we have those first two elements taken care of. The good thing is we also provide a supplement shop for when, and only if, you do need supplements.

When can I get started?

You can fill out the form below, or click on any of the buttons on this page so our Coaching staff can reach out to you to schedule your consultation. That could be as soon as later today.

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