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If you're like any of our satisfied customers, you expect THE BEST.

For you AND your vehicle.

To meet that expectation we created the CA AutoSpa.

Located at the Contagion Athletics Gym,

we provide the services your vehicle needs to stay pristine.


Our Goal for Your Car: Showroom Quality.

100% Hand Car Wash

Full Detailing Service

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

All of our 100% Hand Car Washes Start at a Flat Rate of 49.99 for Personal Vehicles

Large Personal Vehicles Have a Small Upgrade of 24.99

This Includes Crew Cab Trucks, and Third Row Seated Vehicles.


Get a Deep Wheel Cleaning Upgrade for only 14.99



Get an Interior Cleaning Upgrade for only 14.99

We offer full Exterior and Interior Detailing Services

"My car was in desperate need of a deep clean. It came back to me better than I could of imagined. It was like brand new. They were friendly and professional."

Christopher Atkins

"The best place in Amarillo to get your car or truck detailed."

Bryan Bumley

Level One - Basic

Every Detail Receives:

• Pressure wash exterior vehicle
• Foam cannon soap application
• Hand cleaned with clean mitts and three bucket wash technique
• Wheel faces are cleaned and wiped

• Air dry cracks
• Towel dry including door jambs
• External windows
• Tire shine
• Sio2 Paint Sealant for protection and ease of maintenance

Level Two - Standard

ALL of Level One PLUS:

• Door Jambs are completely cleaned and dirt removed
• Sio2 wheel protection applied
• Barrels of the wheels are cleaned
• Fender liners are cleaned and treated

• Exterior black plastic and rubber trim is restored and stained back to black for a like new appearance
• 6 month SI02 Ceramic Pro Sport 6 month Paint Sealant Applied
• Inside windows are cleaned
• All interior plastic and leather is lightly cleaned
• Carpet and mats vacuum

Level Three - Premium

ALL of Level Two PLUS:

• Under hood cleaned and treated SI02 protection
• Clay bar paint decontamination to remove bonded contaminants (tar, tree sap, overspray, bugs, etc)
• Iron-x chemical paint pore decontamination.
• Machine ceramic infused polish.

• One Year Ceramic Pro Glass Coating on the Windshield
• 6 month SI02 Ceramic Pro Sport 6 month Paint Sealant Applied
• Deep clean of all interior plastic, leather, carpets
• SI02 ceramic protection applied to all interior leather and plastic
• Anti-Microbial bacterial and germ treatment to full interior

Ceramic Coating and Paint Corrections

"We use them for ALL our vehicles, work trucks and personal cars. The ceramic coatings make them so easy to clean, but the auto spa does such a wonderful job, we just take it back To them every time!"

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Every Ceramic Coating Starts with a Level 3 - Premium Detail

(Already included in the Price You See Here)

Your Vehicle Will Also Get a Full Paint Correction.

Paint Corrections are a case-by-case quote with a base price of $500.

All packages include:

  • 1 Layer Ceramic Top Coat
  • 1 Layer Ceramic Glass Coat
  • 1 Layer Ceramic Plastic Coat

Packages vary on layers of Ceramic surface coating:

Rejuvenate & Protect

With a combination of a full detail, paint correction & ceramic coating, enhance the longevity and contaminant rejection of your car's surface. You will never wax again.


What's the difference between a Hand-Wash and drive-thru car wash?

Drive-thru car washes  care about minimizing expenses and having massive volume to make their profits. That means they get the cheapest products to wash your vehicle. Those products are full of abrasive, damaging chemicals and soaps. Some even have degreasing shampoo which can strip off waxes, sealants, and can even eat away at the clear coating on your car. This leaves your car's paint UNPROTECTED and the quality of your vehicle's image drops.

A hand car wash is a more thorough wash, which means no missed spots. It protects the quality, integrity, and longevity of your paint. Each car has different grooves and crevices that a hand car wash can clean but a drive-thru car wash will miss. And the quality of the products used is of the highest caliber meaning your paint and clear coat are further protected. It also gives the person doing the wash the opportunity to spot any issues that you may need to address on your car's paint.

So all in all, the hand car wash gets your car back to perfection the way it deserves to be as opposed to rushing you through a damaging experience just for a quick buck.

What's the difference between a Hand-Wash and a Detail??

Imagine a hand car wash like a shower. It keeps you clean and presentable. But every now and then you need to do more than just wash your hair and rub yourself down with soap. Sometimes you have to get ready for a special event and need a little more than a quick shower, that's what a Car Detail is.

A Car Detail is an in-depth thorough cleaning that gets your car back to it's original condition, and sometimes, even better than new!

A Car Wash keeps you clean and presentable in a day-to-day fashion.

It's recommended that you get a Car Detail and then maintain that with at least a weekly Car Wash. This will help prolong the life and quality of your paint and keep your car as presentable as possible. Details don't need to be done as often, especially if you've gotten a ceramic coating.

What's a Paint Correction?

What's a Ceramic Coating good for?

"I can't wait to show my wife how good her car looks again. The paint correction at CA is amazing. Attention to detail is phenomenal."

Bob Carver

15 Aug 2020

"I didn't think it was possible. My car looks new again. I love how the surroundings reflect of the finish. These guys know what they are doing."

Kennedy Kinder

2 Jul 2020

"For my new Porsche, CA Auto Spa is who I trust for paint correction and ceramic coating. It really is way easier to clean now!"

Betty Rivera

15 Jul 2020

"I fell in love with my truck all over again after almost 7 years. CA AutoSpa is the truth!!! Very professional job done. My truck looks brand new again! I will be bringing more of my vehicles."

Sei Wallace

8 Oct 2021

"Had a great experience at CA Auto Spa. Kenny did an amazing job. He was professional, genuine, and quick to respond. Prices were great too!"

Jarret Jackson

25 Nov 2021

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